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Vent-free fire log set safety tips

Posted: August 8, 2017

The looks, technology, and safety of vent-free fire place log sets have come a long way in recent years, and for many homes they are an economical way to heat a room with style. With no mess, no set-up or cleanup time, and no liners or chimney hassles to deal with, they are also among the most convenient home heating options, especially for homes with no ductwork.

But any appliance that burns fuel inside your home needs proper care to perform safely – and to perform at its best. Here are four safety tips for your vent-free fire log set:

  1. Make sure logs are placed correctly – Vent-free log sets are designed to be placed a certain way in the fireplace. Follow the manufacturer’s diagram! If the logs aren’t in the right place, they can can create black soot and potentially emit carbon monoxide into your living space.
  2. Install and check your CO detector – Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors are a must in a home that uses vent-free appliances, and CO test kits are sold at local hardware stores. If you’re not comfortable using a test kit, try bringing your CO detector to your local fire department. Replace CO detectors every five years.
  3. Have your fireplace inspected every year – Proper fireplace maintenance by a skilled, licensed technician eliminates most dangers.
  4. Keep your fireplace sensor clean – Dust and other particles clog the sensor, which should be cleaned once a year.

Add an elegant element to your favorite room with a vent-free log set from Freeman Gas! Contact us today to learn more. If you already have a vent-free log set, contact us for an annual inspection.