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Ten Tips to Smoke Meat Like a Pro

Posted: August 16, 2017

Smoked meat BBQ

You may think that smoking food is a daunting task – but with a little guidance, you can make an amazing meal that people will rave about.

Here are ten tips to smoke meat like a pro:

  1. Ask a specialist – When you shop for meat, ask your butcher about smoke and grill times and wood recommendations. Remember – they’re meat professionals!
  2. Research your woods – Each wood has a unique taste – from Apple, Alder, and Cherry to Hickory, Maple, Oak and Pecan, each wood will add a flavor to the meat. Be sure to choose a combination that compliments your creation.
  3. Keep meat away from the heat – When setting up a smoker, build your fire pile on one side and your meat as far as possible from the embers. The slower the meat cooks, the better.
  4. Be patient – If you’re using coal, remember that it can take 45 minutes to burn down before you can put your food down. Always use new coal.
  5. Keep the fat – Leave all the fat on your meat – this will seal in great flavor.
  6. No flames! – There should not be any flames as you are smoking your meat. If a fire flares, remove the food and increase the rack distance from the flames.
  7. Seal the juices in – Get a sear on the meat. Don’t flip it until the surface is a crisp dark brown or almost black.
  8. Serve when it’s time – For briskets, turkeys or chickens, let the meat sit for five minutes before serving. Serve steaks and pork chops right immediately. Never leave cooked meat in the smoker – it will dry out.
  9. Make enough for leftovers – Always cook more than you’ll eat in one meal. Everybody loves smoked and grilled meat!
  10. Always use a quality smoker – Equipment matters! Choose a top-quality smoker that retains heat and flavor – and one that fits enough food to accommodate the needs of hungry family and friends!

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