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How do I Tell How Much Gas is in my Propane Tank?

Posted: December 5, 2017

If your home is powered by propane, you’ll have to keep an eye on your fuel gauge to know when you need to refill (unless you sign up for FREE Automatic Delivery, in which case we’ll take care of that for you).

The question is, how do you read that gauge?

In some small gas cylinders (such as the tank for your barbecue), there is no gauge – the best way to judge how much gas is left in the tank is to feel its weight. In larger tanks (100+ gallons), your fuel gauge is usually located under the tank dome or cover.

The numbers on the gauge show what percentage of the tank is full. Most gauges usually read from 0 to about 90 percent (see why 90 percent and not 100 percent below). A gauge reading of 10 means that the tank is 10 percent full (almost empty).

We recommend that you call for delivery if your tank reads no less than 25 percent to avoid a propane run-out!

Why isn’t my propane tank to 100 percent full?

If you’re a keen observer, you might have noticed that your propane tank is never 100 percent full. Why? It’s a question of propane safety.

Much like water, propane expands when it’s heated. But propane expands to about 17 times the volume of water over the same temperature increase! The extra space in the tank allows for that expansion.

Above-ground propane tanks are typically filled to about 80 percent capacity; in-ground tanks can be filled slightly higher, because the ground insulates the tank from big temperature swings.

Our drivers use a fixed liquid level gauge to make sure we don’t overfill – a simple but important measure we take to make sure every delivery to your home is a safe one.

For safe propane deliveries when and where you need them, trust the pros at Freeman. Contact us to schedule a delivery today!