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Propane Delivery

Propane delivery service in NC, SC, GA, and TN

Propane deliverySince the 1930s, our company has been built on the dependability of our service deliveries.

That remains the backbone of our business, and we take great pride in making sure every family, business and building contractor who needs propane in our 23 service areas always has the fuel needed to power appliances and provide comfort.

You will find that our drivers are on time and courteous and are trained to alert you by phone if for any reason they are running late. They are experts in safe fuel transport and delivery, and use state-of-the-art computers in their trucks to ensure accurate billing.

So if you want dependable on-demand propane delivery in the Southeast, you definitely want Freeman Gas to be your propane gas supplier.

Here are some additional propane fuel programs we offer and encourage you to consider:

Worry-Free Automatic Delivery

Why worry about having enough propane for your family’s comfort when you can enroll in our FREE automatic delivery service?

To set up your account, we will estimate your next delivery based upon your home’s historical needs — and if it is a new home, we will average out other homes we service in your area.

Then you can sit back and relax, knowing you will always have the fuel you need all year ‘round. (In fact, this service is free to join because it actually helps us too, by avoiding emergency services that would otherwise get us out of bed or disrupt our schedules!)

Budget Plan

We will average your costs out over the year, giving you a predictable bill of the same amount each month of the year. We determine your fixed monthly total based on actual or neighborhood history, and then divide it into equal payments. At the end of each period, we will either credit or bill your account for any actual cost discrepancies. This is a great way to remove any unpleasant spikes in fuel costs during the December and January holiday season!

To qualify for this plan, your account must first have a credit or zero balance. Payments must be made each month, and we reserve the right to amend or cancel this plan due to unforeseen market conditions.

Auto Pay

Sign up today to have your monthly bill automatically deducted from your credit card or bank account. This relieves the headache of receiving our bill, writing a check and remembering to send the payment back to us.

Depend on us for all of your propane fuel delivery needs, and make life easier with our extra delivery and payment options. Contact us to speak with a representative today!

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