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Propane In Your Home

Trust your home to one of the premiere propane gas companies in the Southeast

home propane

You will be hard-pressed to find any propane companies that combine our “little guy” caring with our “giant conglomerate” inventory of fuel, appliances and fireplaces. We are a “right-sized” company, big enough to take care of you but small enough to be flexible and to know who you are.

We care about your propane delivery — that it arrives before you need it so you never run low, and that you can pay for it as painlessly as possible.

We care about the quality of every installation and repair — treating your time and property as if it were our own, with courtesy and competency our primary concerns

We care about your propane tank costs and care — including above-ground and in-ground installations that are up to code and tank leasing programs to protect your responsibilities and expenses.

We are about your safety — and do what we can to keep you informed about how to handle propane and provide you with a free safety inspection.

At Freeman Gas, we understand that “trust us” is all about actions, not words.

But before you can get to know us personally, words are all we’ve got. So we encourage you to read some reviews, consider that we’ve grown from a single location in the 1930s to 23 locations across four Southeastern states and give us a call to talk about your propane needs and to start interacting with us yourself.

We listen and respond like a small business, while we have the on-premises inventory of a very large operation.

And you will find that we try very hard to earn your trust and business every single day.

Depend on us for all of your propane needs. Contact us to speak with a representative today!

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