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The Problem(s) with Running out of Propane

Posted: January 25, 2017

Running empty gauge

If you use propane to heat your house with a fireplace or space heater, running out of propane can certainly be an inconvenience.

But running out of propane gas can be much more than an inconvenience – in fact, it can cause problems and even safety issues for you and your family. Here are just some of the consequences that can come from letting your propane tank run out:

Running out of propane is simply not worth the hassle or risks – especially when you can avoid the problem entirely with FREE Automatic Propane Delivery from Freeman Gas.

Our computers will keep an eye on the weather and your historical propane usage to estimate when you need a refill. The service is free because it helps us, too: if we know when your fuel needs to be delivered, we can plan our routes more efficiently.

But the best part about Auto Delivery is never having to think about propane again again – that means no more run-outs, no more scheduling conflicts, and no more waiting around for a delivery…and all of that for FREE!

Get FREE peace of mind – sign up for Automatic Delivery from Freeman Gas today!