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Propane tank water heaters: Better than electric

While Freeman Gas recommends tankless water heaters whenever the choice is clear, a market remains for tank water heaters, with good reason.

A tank water heater will cost you less to buy than a tankless model, and when replacing a tank water heater, it can just make economic sense to swap out your old tank for a new one.

Tank or No Tank? Considerations when you need to replace your water heater

Electric heaters now burdened by new standards

In April of 2015, the U.S. government began requiring greater energy efficiency for appliances including water heaters. Many homeowners had purchased large 55+ gallon tanks in an attempt to boost hot water speed and production while using weaker electrical power.

The change in regulations effectively eliminated production of these larger tanks.

Manufacturers have attempted a workaround by producing higher efficiency “electric heat pump” water heaters. These new energy efficient tanks have serious drawbacks:

If you need a tank, you need Freeman Gas

Your local Freeman Gas experts will help you make the right decision and make sure that the new water heater you buy is perfectly sized and installed to handle the demands of your home or business.

We invite you to visit one of our beautiful showrooms to see our installed propane-powered tank water heaters. Our no-pressure floor personnel will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

Our featured gas tank water heater brands:

Bradford White

We carefully research all featured brands and recommend only the best quality to you. Also depend on us for installation, service, repair, and fuel delivery. Contact us to speak with a representative today — emergency service available!

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