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Built In Grills

See our outstanding selection of built-in grills


You know how parties and family gatherings tend to find everyone laughing and talking in the kitchen? Well, in a similar way, nothing energizes backyard patio gatherings more than built-in grills. The sizzling sounds, wonderful smells and sensational presence of a built-in grill truly cannot be matched for a first and lasting impression from your guests.

A representative from our highly trained sales staff will show you the very best built-in grills that are made in America today and discuss the finer points in selecting the perfect built-in grill for your new or existing patio.

What to look for in a built-in grill

Beyond what basics you should look for even in grill carts, you need to consider that a built-in grill is more permanent in nature than a grill cart. One rolls away for replacement, the other involves more work. So consider as well:

  • Dimensions: Length, width, and depth all matter when your grill is going to be affixed into a wall.
  • Elegance: You want an attractive design with a smart layout, because both you and your guests will just expect more “pizzazz” then they would from a more-common grill cart.
  • Color: Will the color of the grill lid attractively match or complement your patio material or your home’s exterior colors? Do you want the grill to “pop” or to blend in?
  • Add-ons and accessories: Now is the time to carefully consider side burners, warming areas, and so forth, as you want to get everything planned correctly the first time!
  • Gas line: If this is a new built-in grill installation, then you will need to consider where and how you will have your propane line installed.

Our featured built-in grill brands:

Fire Magic
American Outdoor Grill

We carefully research all featured brands and recommend only the best quality to you. Also depend on us for installation, service, and fuel delivery. Contact us to speak with a representative today!

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