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The Freeman Gas Forklift Cylinder Exchange Program: A Convenient Way To Save Money And Time

Posted: June 19, 2017

Want an easy way to increase profits and outperform competitors in your commercial construction project? Enroll in the Freeman Gas Forklift Cylinder Exchange program.

Compared to conventional refilling, our cost-effective propane tank exchange program is:

  1. More productive – Traditional refilling can take 15 minutes or more every time for each tank. With our cylinder exchange, you’ll just return your tank, grab another, and get back to work.
  2. Safer – With tank cylinders, all filling is done at our facilities rather than yours – which means you wont have to deal with safety risks or compliance issues. And with lightweight aluminum cylinders, your technicians won’t hurt themselves moving tanks.
  3. More economical – Aluminum tanks won’t corrode on the inside, so there will be no more fuel injector-blocking rust to reduce your efficiency or cause equipment breakdowns.

Of course if you need an onsite bulk propane solution for your forklifts – complete with pumps, motors, tanks and gravity-fill hoses – Freeman can provide that, too. We’ll even train your staff in the safe and proper way to fill cylinders onsite.

Enroll in the Freeman Gas Forklift Cylinder Exchange program and stay on top of the competition! Contact us today to get started.