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Five Reasons To Replace Your Charcoal Barbecue With A Propane Cart Grill

Posted: June 15, 2017

Tired of dragging the bag of briquettes out from the garage for family cookouts? Switch to a propane cart grill and you’ll get these five great benefits:

  1. Greater convenience – Unlike a charcoal barbecue, a propane grill lights instantly and heats quickly, with no lighter fluid mess or clean up.
  2. Better health – Charcoal briquettes are loaded with chemicals to help them ignite more easily – chemicals that can find their way you’re your food.
  3. More precise heat control – With a propane grill, you can control cooking temperatures down to within a few degrees – a big reason why most professional chefs choose to cook with gas. Try THAT with charcoal.
  4. A smaller carbon footprint – Not only does propane burn cleaner than charcoal, but drippings from your food are more likely to flare-up on a charcoal grille and release smog-creating chemicals.
  5. Better taste – Using quality ingredients in your meats, veggies and marinades is the key to making good tasting food on any kind of grill. But food tastes better when it’s cooked right – and cooking it right is about having control over the cooking environment. That control is much easier with a propane grill.

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