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Vented Gas Logs

For natural-looking, large-flame fires

Today’s gas fireplace logs are masterpieces of form and functionality. Available in a variety of materials, surfaces, and presentations, these logs come stacked in either uniform or loosely placed configurations of varying heights and widths. They are also often hand-crafted and hand-painted to appear incredibly realistic whether or not a fire is burning.

Buying the best gas fire logs for your particular needs depend upon many important factors, such as:

Vented gas logs can only be used in a fireplace that is capable of burning real wood, and must be used only with the damper open. This is because they create an exhaust that must be vented outside. The trade-off, though, is that they produce a much larger, yellower flame than vent-free logs for a huge, natural-looking fire.

Because they create a large fire, and the logs are often directly in the flame, vented fireplace logs can blacken over time with a thin layer of soot. You can easily remove this soot by using Log Bright Soot Remover, available at any of our showrooms.

A cut above: the RH Peterson G52 Series

If you are considering vented logs, we strongly recommend the Peterson G52 vented log set. These vented logs are designed to burn about half the fuel of a traditional vented set, but still provide a huge roaring fire. As an added bonus, they throw off more radiant heat into the room than most vented logs. Huge fire, more heat, less fuel — what’s not to like?

These innovative logs are also highly adjustable with seven flame height adjustments. Its highest setting of 46,000 BTUs creates a fire comparable to a 90,000 BTU system, while it can also be dialed down to a low 26,000 BTUs.

So this remarkable system offers the heat and economy of a vent-free gas log unit with the large flame of a vented set. No wonder it is rapidly becoming our best-selling vented gas log set!

Visit one of our nearby showrooms to see our vented gas fireplaces in action. You will also see our wide selection of vented gas logs.

Our featured vented gas log brands:

Empire Comfort Systems
RH Peterson
Majestic Products
Superior Fireplaces
Golden Blount

We carefully research all featured brands and recommend only the best quality to you. Also depend on us for installation, service, repair, and fuel delivery. Contact us to speak with a representative today — emergency service available!

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