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Vented Fireplaces

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For many years, masonry fireplaces (fireplaces primarily built from brick or stone) have been considered the go-to home hearth system.

But masonry fireplaces have their drawbacks: for one, they’re inefficient – in fact, according to the US Department of Energy, they can account for 8 percent of more of a home’s energy loss. They’re also expensive to install, costing an average of about $30,000 to build.

If you want a smarter way to enjoy an evening in front of a crackling fire – especially if you’re building a new home – here are two great options for you.

While similar in use to a masonry fireplace, newer vented gas fireplaces offer exciting firebox options and many offer interior lighting so you can join a warm ambient glow even when the fireplace is not in use.

Freeman Gas expertly installs and services vented fireplaces of all kinds for your home and can work with you to pick the solution that works best for the demands of your room and your personal taste.

And of course if you choose a gas-powered fireplace option, we can help you with a reliable supply of quality gas all winter long.

Visit one of our outstanding showrooms to see our vented gas fireplaces in action. And also be sure to see our wide selection of vented gas logs.

Our featured vented fireplace brands:

Empire Comfort Systems
Superior Fireplaces
Majestic Products

We carefully research all featured brands and recommend only the best quality to you. Also depend on us for installation, service, repair, and fuel delivery. Contact us to speak with a representative today — emergency service available!

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