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Vent-Free Fireplaces

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If your home has no chimney, or you would like a fireplace in a room that has no venting to the outdoors, then you will be interested in one of our many vent-free propane fireplaces.

A vent-free fireplace can be either a vent-free box into which vent-free logs are installed, or a complete system where the vent-free firebox and logs come pre-assembled and ready to go. Both give an authentic fireplace appearance to any room — but require no venting to the outdoors.

Vent-free fireboxes come in three standard sizes: 32”, 36”, and 42”. You can choose from a wide variety of interior liner finishes, and you can add a blower to help disperse heat throughout the room. They are the most affordable fireplace option because they require no construction time or materials for venting.

This solution gives you tremendous room design flexibility, since the limited space options dictated by a chimney are gone. You can free up any wall space you desire for cabinetry, windows, or even a large-screen TV.

Finally, vent-free fireplaces are extremely energy efficient, because all of the heat released from the propane log set remains in the living space and any chimney heat loss is eliminated. So while the flame is not as dramatic as that seen in vented fireplaces, the added warmth and comforting glow are a most welcome addition to your living space.

Remember that vent-free logs can be installed and used in any fireplace, whether vented or vent-free.

Visit one of our world-class showrooms to see our vent-free gas fireplaces in action. And also be sure to see our wide selection of vent-free gas logs.

Our featured vent-free fireplace brands:

Empire Comfort Systems
Majestic Products
Vermont Castings Products

We carefully research all featured brands and recommend only the best quality to you. Also depend on us for installation, service, and fuel delivery. Contact us to speak with a representative today!

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