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Agricultural Propane Services

Agricultural propane is efficient, economical & environmentally friendly


Many generations of Appalachian farming families have depended upon Freeman Gas as their agricultural propane supplier.

That’s because they know that we share their values of dependability and hard work, and that we can design an efficient, affordable propane delivery system and service for virtually any farming-related need, such as:

Propane runs much cleaner than diesel or gasoline, which makes it far better for our environment—which is itself the lifeblood of any farming business. So it pays in many ways to buy or convert your farm to a propane-based operation in any way you can.

You can count on us to help you on your journey, including unmatched propane delivery service to your above-ground or in-ground tanks, as well as tank racks or exchanges and even propane gas piping, if needed.

Running any agribusiness today is hard work. We respect that. And we will show you that respect every day by ensuring that our propane services help your days run at least a little bit smoother.

To learn about our agriculture propane services or our other commercial propane services, contact us to speak with a representative today.

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