My Propane Fireplace Won’t Light…!

Posted: March 6, 2018

Few things are more frustrating than settling down for the evening in front of your beautiful propane fireplace only to discover that it won’t light.

Never fear – if there’s a problem, Freeman will get the roar back in your fire – it’s one of our specialties. But in the meantime, try this troubleshooting tip:

If your fireplace has a conventional pilot light:

If your fireplace has an electric igniter:

Some newer propane fireplaces have electric igniters rather than pilot lights. These are great for efficiency, but not so great for self-repair – better to call in the experts.

Of course, if the worst happens and you need to replace your propane fireplace, no propane supplier in the Southeast has the selections we offer (you can see them yourself by visiting one of our beautiful showrooms).

For expert maintenance and installation of propane fireplaces, trust the experts at Freeman Gas. Contact us today to learn more.  Serving our loyal customers in NC, SC, TN, and GA!