Propane fireplace

Propane Log Sets: Get the Warm Glow of a Fire without the Wood-Burning Hassles

If you love your fireplace but don’t use it as often as you’d like to because it’s just too much work to set up and clean up, then a set of vent-free propane gas logs could be exactly what you need.

How do I Tell How Much Gas is in my Propane Tank?

If your home is powered by propane, you’ll have to keep an eye on your fuel gauge to know when you need to refill (unless you sign up for FREE Automatic Delivery, in which case we’ll take care of that for you).

The More the Merrier: Benefits of Adding Propane Appliances in your Home

If you use propane to power your boiler or furnace, you already know how efficient and clean burning it is.  The question is – Why aren’t you using propane in other ways throughout your home?

Thanks – from Our Family to Yours

At Freeman Gas, we’ve been lucky enough to serve our neighbors with dependable excellence since 1936. As a family-owned business – especially one that is as rooted in our community as we are – that means a lot to us.

Large propane tank

Should I Buy or Lease My Propane Tank?

A propane tank is a pretty simple device – but because it holds pressurized gas, it’s critical to inspect and maintain it regularly – and to repair it quickly and correctly.