My Propane Fireplace Won’t Light…!

Few things are more frustrating than settling down for the evening in front of your beautiful propane fireplace only to discover that it won’t light.

Lawn mower golf course

The Propane Advantage for Your Commercial Lawnmowers

If you’re a commercial landscaper looking to get a leg up on your competitors – or a greens manager trying to keep your golf course or commercial property under control – consider making the switch to propane gas for your lawnmowers this spring.

Freeman Gas Propane: Powering Your Appalachian Agribusiness

Clean, green propane is the perfect way to power just about any part of your far – and Freeman has plenty of it to keep your Appalachian agribusiness up, running and productive year-round.

Freeman Gas sign

Freeman Gas: Serving Our Extended Family Since 1936

In 1936, Jesse Owens made one of the most famous debuts in Olympic history, shocking the world by taking home four gold medals for the United States at the games in Berlin.

How did we do?

Well, January is behind us – and quite a January it was, with record-low temperatures and no-heat emergencies that kept our crews on the road almost constantly in the first few weeks of 2018.