Smoked meat BBQ

Ten Tips to Smoke Meat Like a Pro

You may think that smoking food is a daunting task – but with a little guidance, you can make an amazing meal that people will rave about.

Here are ten tips to smoke meat like a pro:

Vent-free fire log set safety tips

The looks, technology, and safety of vent-free fire place log sets have come a long way in recent years, and for many homes they are an economical way to heat a room with style. With no mess, no set-up or cleanup time, and no liners or chimney hassles to deal with, they are also among the most convenient home heating options, especially for homes with no ductwork.

Three Services To Make Life Easier In The Coming Heating Season

August is almost here, with September not far behind – which means it’s time (believe it or not) to start thinking about the 2017-2018 home heating season.

Propane Safety Inspections: One of Three Keys to Propane Safety in Your Home

Propane is a safe, effective and efficient fuel for your home heating and home comfort systems. But like any energy source, propane requires proper care to operate equipment safely.

Here are three keys to keeping your home safe if you have propane appliances:

Summertime, And The Outdoor Living Is Easy – Thanks To Propane

The features that make a house a home don’t only have to be indoors. With the help of clean, green, efficient propane, you can have all the comforts you enjoy inside – without the roof and walls.

Propane has an impressive variety of uses for outdoor living, including