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Auto Pay + Auto Delivery = A Worry Free Fall and Winter

Posted: September 14, 2017

Pay bills automatically

Old habits die hard.

Take bill paying, for instance. If you’re used to writing checks, you might be tempted to keep paying your bills that way. But by switching to AutoPay, you’ll get some great benefits that you’ll never get by snail mail, such as:

How Auto Pay works

With Autopay, we’ll deduct your bill from your credit card or bank account via Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF) – about the safest and fastest way to pay your bills. You’ll never have to wait for a bill – or have to remember to pay it – again.

Combine Auto Pay with FREE Automatic Delivery for the ultimate in hassle-free service

Want an even better way to take the thinking out of bill paying? Combine Auto Pay with Automatic Delivery for your propane gas. With Automatic Delivery, we’ll estimate how much propane you’ll need based on your past usage and the current weather and schedule your delivery when you have about a quarter tank left. No more waiting for a delivery appointment, and no more checking fuel gauges. Just set it and forget it!

Ready to make things easier for yourself this fall and winter? Sign up for Automatic Delivery and Auto Pay today!