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Tank Leases & Sales

We have many different sizes of propane tanks available for lease or purchase. With a quick call, we can assist you in determining the right size for your needs.

Lease or Buy?

We recommend that you lease your propane tank from your propane provider. A propane tank is designed to hold its contents under pressure. Each tank has valves, fittings and seals that need inspection and care. If you purchase your tank, you will be responsible for its on-going maintenance. Plus, if you ever need a larger tank, you’d be faced with purchasing a new one.

By leasing a tank from Freeman Gas, you let us take care of the hassle of tank maintenance and care. We maintain our tanks according to the standards of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code, NFPA #58. We guarantee your tank to be leak-free, and if there is every any loss of product from a leased tank, we’ll replace it free of charge. If your gas usage ever requires more storage, we’ll provide you with a larger tank at no additional cost. We think you’ll agree to the benefits of letting Freeman Gas provide you with your propane storage.

Freeman Gas also goes Underground!

An alternative to an aboveground tank is an underground propane tank. Today’s homeowner wants attractive exterior design and landscaping. They also want the warmth and convenience of gas. That’s where the experts at Freeman Gas come in. Our underground tank will fit right in to any landscape design so it’s not noticeable. We have Underground 120 gallon tanks available for sale only, and larger sizes available for lease or sale. If you are not sure what size tank you need, please call, we’ll be glad to assist you.

125 Gallon Propane Tank

125 gallon tanks are mostly used for gas logs or supplemental heat. Dimensions of 125 Gallon tanks vary depending on the manufacturer. Listed below is the approximate dimensions of both the… More Details

250 Gallon & Larger Domestic Tanks

The 250 gallon tank and larger tanks are used for home heating and homes with multiple gas appliances such as water heaters, ranges and clothes dryers. Tanks are available in 250, 320, 500 and 1,000… More Details

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